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  • Jennifer Owen-O'Quill

Check Your Alignment

As the New Year begins, it is natural to have an eye on the future: what will it take to get to the next level? Did I accomplish what I intended in the year that has passed? Were the last 365 days well spent? What do I intend to do with the next 366 days (yes, 2020 is a leap year)?

As you launch into 2020, start with some routine maintenance: take some time to Check Your Alignment.

The turning of a new year is a natural time to stop and reflect on the direction of your life. What are your Desired Outcomes: those things that are most significant to you, those aims that you truly long to accomplish?

The Check Your Alignment premise is simple: we need to check and see if where we are headed is where we want to go! If our current actions are out of alignment with our Desired Outcomes, we are missing a key ingredient for our success: enthusiasm.

When we can see that our current activity is in alignment with our ultimate Desired Outcomes, it is easier to retain and renew our enthusiasm for our work. Our enthusiasm is essential for our success because it is our enthusiasm that primes our perseverance and fuels our discipline.

People often seek the support of an executive coach as a way to maintain accountability. I always begin by asking people what they really want because, more often than not, the person sitting across from me is focused on the next project or the “biggest problem”. This is natural, but it is not helpful. Focusing on the problems we see on the horizon or the next goal we want to achieve robs us of the wellspring of our success: our enthusiasm. When we focus on what we ultimately want, on what we most deeply desire, and move forward from that perspective toward the next task, we are in full possession of our greatest assets: our energy and our enthusiasm.

Here are 4 key questions to consider to Check Your Alignment and to keep your enthusiasm on track in 2020:

· What accomplishment from last year are you most proud of?

· What work do you find most rewarding?

· What aspects of your work bring you the most excitement?

· What are the one or two things in your week you relish doing?

Armed with the answers to these questions, you have a roadmap to replenish and renew your enthusiasm for the work you do. May your 2020 be the brightest year yet!

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